Does Article Rewriter Affect Google SEO?

Article rewriter is the excellent and free search engine optimization tool that permits you to rewrite the articles, whether your own article or copied from the internet, with flexibility. The article rewriter tool permits you to publish articles or blogs periodically and what makes it great is that it results in fascinating posts. The article rewriter is a simple system, which begins by your copying the content, that you want to rewrite, and paste it in the text box provided on the rewriter tool. Then click on the options provided to rewrite the article and this will result in your article being paraphrased. It randomly changes some of the words, their order, but the meaning or the main point remains the same. You might save it or you could make some changes by clicking on certain phrases which you want to replace and then select from a list of suggested replacements for those phrases. You could also replace some words with their synonyms. This could help you get rid of plagiarism. The article rewriters claim to improve your SEO rankings but it might not be the case always. There are exceptions to every rule. As we’ll see later in the article.There are numerous article rewriters available online, some even for free, like

But Spinnerchief5 comes out as the winner. It is by far the best article rewriter. It has superb advanced functions, as it claims. Now, it has released its web version as well as desktop version. It has auto-grammar fix and works on SRT, which stands for Statistical Replacement Technology. SRT works similar to Google translate, which is getting better day by day and so is SRT; improving with more and more experience and exposure everyday. It uses Artificial Intelligence which enables it to understand the articles fully and rewrite sentences automatically. Its thesaurus is based on cloud technology and as more and more users get linked to it, its database grows leading to better results for everyone. Its cloud thesaurus supports more than 20 languages. It claims to create articles with more of a human touch than any other spinners available. That is what is required in the market, more personal touch. Spinnerchief5 delivers that better than others. The new versions have new paragraph swap spin function. You could even change and customise the settings for this function according to your requirements. This claims to be the best but it is for times to come to witness the growth and success of Artificial Intelligence based tools.


Article rewriters or spinners, as they are commonly called, definitely affect SEO. The effect might not be that pronounced but it certainly has its presence, in some cases even significant also. Visualise a situation,

  • where you have actually used an article spinner for some article you had copied over the internet or you might have used one of your previous articles. Now, the spinner has given an absurd contortion of your article, in a way even you can’t comprehend its previous form. The spinners, as we have already covered, randomly switch the position of words and replace some words randomly with their synonyms, which often do not go with the context, sometimes even changing it entirely. You have posted this article to your blog, completely relying on the article spinner. This absurdly written article has been posted on your blog or website.

  • The user searches on the search engine for a keyword, that you have been ranked for. Your result comes up at a fairly good position and the user clicks on your page. What the user finds is an absurdly written article, making no sense at all. What will a user do? For obvious reasons, he/she will again search for the same keyword or some modified form of it to get better results.

  • Now, this action of the user gets notified to Google. This leads to a dip in your temporary ranking. Google now analyses the behaviour of users, like it observes the time spent by an user on a website, whether they look for something else when they visit a website, they search for the same keyword again or not. And in this case, the action performed by the user, sends out information to the search engine that the content on your website or page was not relevant to the keyword that the user had searched for. Thus, your temporary ranking tanks.


When a user searches for the same keyword after visiting your site is a really big factor in determining your rank. It certainly implies the search engine that your page is not helpful in providing the user with the requested information on the keyword that you have ranked yourself with. Hence, when the same behaviour is repeated quite a few times, it eventually results in washing you off the list of search results, way beyond the visibility of a normal internet user. So, the best option to improve your ranking or at least keep it intact is to create quality content. Nowadays, as the focus increases on providing a personal touch to the content, we have to give a serious thought what we are writing and posting on our website or page. Article spinners claim to implement Artificial Intelligence, that too only good ones, but in reality, they are not at all close to it. So, they end up giving a random twist to the article, which takes up even more effort if you seriously read it again and try to make things right. That is just as much effort as writing a brand new article yourself, sometimes even more if you carefully realize the frustration related with using a spinner and not getting good results. This way the whole empathy attached to the article vanishes and it loses out on its appeal.

We might have to watch out for false claims of article rewriters. But it is out in the open that we might have to embrace the use of advanced technology, which is evolving with each passing day, and see for ourselves whether we could make the most of it or completely shun it from our life.

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